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Digital Art by Sohini Ghose

Welcome to my digital art journey—a canvas of colors and creativity.


In 2021, during a pause brought on by the pandemic, I discovered my affinity for digital art. This medium became my canvas to express the rich tapestry of my experience of living in three countries, my extensive travels, and my ardor for literature, cinema, and the arts. Each of my digital collages tells a story, weaving together elements of my life as a global citizen, and immortalizing the emotions and narratives that have shaped me.

My debut in the art world was marked by an exhibition in May 2021 at the Van Der Plaas Gallery in New York City, under the banner of All Art+Ultra Local. You can browse and purchase pieces from this collection here.

Growing up in the heart of Kolkata, the hub of India's literary and artistic innovation, and with a background in English Literature, the transition to the world of publishing was a natural progression for me. My experiences as an editor and author have greatly influenced my visual art, adding layers of depth and insight. With over fourteen years in editing, I've collaborated with indie authors and global publishers, always aiming to bring out the best in every manuscript.

If you're an author seeking editorial guidance or curious about the books I've edited, feel free to reach out to me here.

And if it's the art that's caught your eye, I'd love to hear what resonates with you and discuss how you can own a piece of my artistic journey.


All my digital collages have stemmed from something I perhaps read, perhaps edited, a travel experience, a piece of music, a conversation, or even a  memory. 


Interested in owning a piece of my art?
Here is a sample of some of the products that can be created for you with the art you see above. Any of the above designs can be customized as wall art, notebooks, mouse pads, mugs, and greeting cards. Browse through and find the perfect design to suit your needs. Please feel free to reach out for details and pricing. Please note pricing for wall art will vary according to size and type of framing. 

I can also create a unique  art experience for you, where I can integrate your personal pictures or chosen elements into customized digital collages, creating a piece that's truly yours.

If you like what you see or want a customized product:  



Mouse pad with a college of a girl
Mouse pad of a college with a girl sitting on a typewriter and reading


2024 calendar cover image with a peacock


Desk Calendar 2024 cover page with a butterfly artwork


Image of a notebook cover
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